Headbanging Symphony for symphony orchestra and heavy metal band (2018)

Composition for the Studentenorchester Münster. Premiered together with the band Words of Farewell, conducted by Cornelius During, Aula am Aasee Münster, July 2018.

Excerpts from movements 1 and 2 :

Path for alto saxophone, viola and piano (2017)

Composition for the young academy rostock's young artists in residence 2017. Premiered by Alexander Prill, Fiona Buhr and Philipp Thönes, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, November 2017.

Vivid for string orchestra (2016)

Composition for the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie. Premiere conducted by Wolfgang Hentrich, Stadttheater Aschaffenburg, July 2016.
Excerpts from the general rehearsal for the New Year's Concert 2017 at Bürgerhaus Langenberg, in cooperation with the Choreografische Werkstatt of the Music and Art School Velbert :

A Story from Life for soprano, viola, cello and piano (2011), based on a children's book by Alona Frankel

The work was awarded 1st prize of the Itay Weiner Composition Competition 2010/11, Music Department University of Haifa and was broadcasted several times at Israeli classical radio station "Kol Hamusika". 

Premiered at the competition's award concert at the University of Haifa, June 2011 (further details available in the video description).

Additional performed works (excerpt) :

Hashtags for bassoon and percussion (2018) - composition for Stefan Balciunas and Felix Anton Lehnert from the Leipziger Symphonieorchester. Premiered at Marienkirche Rötha, September 2018.


Spielchen for symphony orchestra (2017) - composition for the Studentenorchester Münster. Premiere conducted by Cornelius During, Aula am Aasee Münster, July 2017.


Episoden for string trio (2014) - premiered by Ensemble Melancholia, Schloss Batzdorf, July 2014.


A Story about a princess, an elephant, a horse, a dog, a cat, a hedgehog, a bird, a bee and a caterpillar for narrator and symphony orchestra (2012), based on a children's book by Alona Frankel - composition for the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. Premiere conducted by Roy Oppenheim, Krieger Center Haifa, January 2013.


Ensemble Melancholia  arrangement and interpretation of songs by various classical composers for singer, guitar and string trio (2014)

Premiered at Schloss Batzdorf, July 2014.

Cellar Darling - This is the Sound, string arrangements  (2017)
Debut album of Swiss folk-rock/metal Band Cellar Darling, arrangement of all string parts together with Anna Murphy. The album was released by Nuclear Blast in June 2017.

Tal Cohen-Shalev - Nowhere That You Know, string and brass arrangements (2012)
Second CD of Israeli singer-songwriter Tal Cohen-Shalev. Songs from the CD were broadcasted on popular Israeli radio stations as 
"Galgalatz" and "88FM".

Additional arrangements (excerpt) :

String arrangements for songs by Cole Porter (2015) - performed by the Martin-Reik-Quartett and the KammerAkademie Halle conducted by Ingo Martin Stadtmüller, Moritzburg Open Air Halle, June 2015.


Arrangements of popular songs for various string ensembles - performed by Kammertrio Köpenick at the Louis Lewandowski Festival 2016 in Berlin, Lila Quartet at the Berlin Fashion Week 2014, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra and others.