Photo :  Jeannine Doll
Photo : Jeannine Doll

From Classic to Rock, from Folk to Metal - Shir-Ran Yinon is a versatile and multifaceted musician. As a performer on violin and viola as well as a composer and arranger - there are no musical boundaries. 


Shir-Ran shares the stage with well-known rock and metal acts - since 2014 she performs frequently as guest-violinist with British rock band New Model Army; during 2015-2016 she was the tour violinist and backing vocalist for Swiss folk-metal band Eluveitie, playing altogether more than 90 shows worldwide with the band. As guest on stage and in the studio Shir-Ran has played also with Epica (NL), Haggard (DE), Cellar Darling (CH), Fjoergyn (DE), Die Zöllner (DE), Engerling (DE) and many others. She has toured the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan and over 20 European countries.


Despite her extensive work in the pop-rock field, Shir-Ran comes originally from the world of classical music. She studied viola with Avshalom Sarid at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and was a fellow in the academy’s Excellence in Chamber Music program between 2011-2013. Later she completed an orchestral internship in the KammerAkademie Halle (in cooperation with the Staatskapelle Halle) and has played as well in numerous orchestras in Germany and Israel.


Shir-Ran is also a composer and arranger. She studied composition with Prof. Oded Zehavi at the University of Haifa, at which she received in 2011 the Dean's Award for Excellence as well as the first prize at the Itay Weiner Composition Competition. Shir-Ran's works reach as well across a broad stylistic spectrum : she has written classical pieces, music for short films and theatre productions, arrangements in the pop-rock genre and electronic music. Her latest commissioned work "Vivid" for the German String Philharmonic was premiered in Aschaffenburg in July 2016. Further compositions and arrangements were written for the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, KammerAkademie Halle, Jerusalem Street Orchestra and others.


Shir-Ran grew up in Mannheim, Germany and has also lived in Haifa and Jerusalem in Israel. She returned to Germany in 2013 and lives nowadays in Leipzig. Currently she is the arranger and violist of Ensemble Melancholia, violinist of the Irish-rock band Brogues, substitute in the orchestra of the musical "Das Wunder von Bern" in Hamburg and gives numerous guest performances. Shir-Ran is the daughter of the internationally renowned conductor Israel Yinon (1956-2015), who loved music above all.