Shir-Ran writes arrangements for various artists, genres and ensembles. Her speciality fields are orchestral and string arrangements for rock / pop live and album productions.


Shir-Ran wrote all orchestral arrangements for the New Model Army and Orchestra Sinfonia Leipzig special anniversary show at the Tempodom Berlin in 2022, which was also released under the title "Sinfonia" as Vinyl, CD and DVD in September 2023. She was also the production's musical director, concertmaster and soloist on "Vagabonds".


Furthermore, Shir-Ran created various string arrangements for the German String Philharmonic and the Cole Porter program of Martin Reik Quartett with the KammerAkademie Halle orchestra. She also writes all arrangements for mondëna quartet, which were performed with German singer-songwriters as Sarah Lesch, Felix Räuber and Diana Ezerex at major events. Shir-Rans works are featured also on numerous album releases of Cellar Darling, Justin Sullivan, Louise Patricia Crane, Felix Meyer, Krayenzeit and many other artists.


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