Omri Vitis & The Holy Band

Photo : Shaul Vitis
Photo : Shaul Vitis

Omri Vitis' style combines western folk and alternative rock with ethnic influences such as Eastern European, South American, African, Middle Eastern and others. Omri was born in Kibuts Dalia in Israel, lived as a teenager in South Africa and spent later 16 years in London. Since his relocation to Israel in 2010 he peforms with several musical projects - in addition to the Holy Band he plays also with the "Bells" as well as with his accoustic duo partner Guy Strier.


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Shir-Ran was a member in Omri Vitis & The Holy Band from 2010-2013. Along numerous concerts in Israel, she has also performed with them in Germany,  i.a. at the Berlin Music Week 2012 and the Israel-Days in Munich and Stuttgart in 2013.